Trade Policy

Trading your books at the Book Cranny


Please bring in your used, good condition books for trade. We are especially interested in your newer titles, classics, and vintage books. We pay cash for current textbooks.

Trade Credits

Credit amount is based on the current demand and value of a book. (Credit is NOT based on the original book price.) In some circumstances we will purchase books for cash at 60% of credit value.

Use of Credit

Credit can be used for up to half the price of any used book. On “Thrifty Thursdays” (last Thursday of the month) credits can be used for the entire price. Each credit is worth $1 off the price of used books.


Keep your credit account active by using credit or adding to it at least once a year. After 1 year of inactivity your account will be reduced by 50% and after 2 years it will expire.

Additional Information

For large book collections we may arrange to come to your location. During busy times we may not have the time to look through your books and you may need to leave your books and return at a later date. Use the “Loading Zone” parking spots in front of our store and along Grant Pl. We can loan you a dolly.